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British High Court Reopens Case Of Former Military Officer’s Family Over Property Claim


A British High Court has reopened a case involving a former Spanish British Military officer’s family and his business partner over the ownership of his estate.

The case was held in the high court of justice, London, on October,7, 2008 before his Lordship Linwood Reed.

Ex Major Robert S. Cuthbert after voluntarily retiring from the British army ventured into real estate business with Piers Daklay as his partner , he later died on March 6, 2002,leaving behind a widow Helena Robert an American citizen and a 14 year old daughter Lori Robert Smith.

Helena Robert and her daughter Lori Robert Smith

Before his death he willed an estate to Lori Robert Smith who happens to be his only child. His wife, Helena Robert started proceedings for Lori to claim ownership, four years after the death of her father Major Robert Smith, when she attained legal age. Piers Daklay who was the business partner to Robert smith claim to be the owner of the said property. The presiding judge asked both parties to present evidences to prove their claim. Helena Robert knowing her husband to be a successful real estate magnate before his demise, vowed to see her daughter as the owner of the estate. So as the business partner also vowing to claim the property. The case went on for two years and was halted when plaintiff’s lawyer Stewart John was involved in a fatal accident .

Piers Daklay and His Wife Edwina Piers

The presiding judge of the court, His Lordship Linwood Reed who is expected to go on retirement soon, demands that all pending cases on his desk must be attended to, of which that of the Ex Major Robert S. Cuthbert’s family case is one of his top pending cases that needs final ruling. His Lordship Linwood Reed has therefore served both parties to appear in court on 12th June 2024 for further proceedings and judgement.

Helena Robert Smith and daughter Lori Robert, who is now 36 years, relocated to the United States of America (USA) since June 2008 when the case was halted.


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