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Long Standing Dispute Over Late Keith Fausto José and Néstor Edgardo Properties Settled

Long Standing Dispute Over Late Keith Fausto José and Néstor Edgardo Properties Settled
Néstor Edgardo family

A Spanish Court has finally ruled in a property dispute between the families of the late Mr. Keith Fausto José and Mr. Néstor Edgardo, declaring that both the Plaintiff and Defendant are beneficiaries of all properties and businesses ventures belonging to the two deceased businessmen.
According to the court, both the Plaintiff (Children of Néstor Edgardo) and Defendant Sandra Keith, who is Keith Fausto José’s daughter and sole next of kin, are entitled to 50% shares on all properties and businesses ventures as entered in the contractual agreement between the Defendants father, Mr Keith Fausto José and Mr. Néstor Edgardo, the Plaintiffs father (all of blessed memory).
A Court in Madrid on December 21, 2023 gave its final ruling and arrived at the decision after a thorough review of the substantial evidence presented by both parties.
It indicated that the two mixed use disputed properties will conform to the contractual agreement granting the Plaintiff ownership to property No. GJN774B6 while Property No. NP329KD6 goes to the Defendant.
Meanwhile, the Court also stated that Counsels for both Plaintiff and Defendant have agreed on an out of court settlement in the other two new lawsuits filed by Plaintiff.
Snippet of information gathered regarding the matter is that Mr. Néstor Edgardo and Mr Keith Fausto José (all of blessed memory) were best friends and lifelong business partners.
Their partnership transcended friendship to family due to the strong relationship both of them shared.
According to information, they were so close that the families got much united as one where members of both families enjoyed holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations together.
The two gentlemen were partners in two major joint business ventures of which included a Timber processing plant and various mixed-use properties.
However, after the sudden demise of Mr Keith Fausto José (Defendant’s Father), the Timber business did not fare well leading to its collapse more than a decade ago.
This left the Edgardos with no choice than to shift their focus to the real estate business as a 40% shareholder whereas Keith Fausto José owned the majority shares of 60%.
Mr Néstor Edgardo unfortunately met his untimely death on November 16th 2019 while hiking in Eastern Europe.
The feud between the families begun after that incident when the Edgardo’s first son whom his dad made the estate executor allegedly tried using dubious means to claim full ownership of the last two-mixed used properties owned by both late businessmen.
He filed a Writ in Court on July 7, 2020 subjecting the properties to litigation with both parties engaging in a legal battle.
This development has affected the livelihoods of both families as the Court at a point placed an injunction on the properties, putting a halt to the passive income they earn.
The latest ruling has however put to rest the long-standing tussle over the properties willed to members of the Fausto José and Mr. Néstor Edgardo families.


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